Shape the Microsoft product roadmap

Share your thoughts and influence the outcome before a single line of code is written. Play an early role in product and service development by helping Microsoft build and test the features that you need in Cloud and AI services. Our objective is to deeply understand your needs and intentions so that we can drive your feedback into the creation of new service or product offerings to help you achieve your business goals.

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How does this program compare to other customer feedback programs?

Most feedback programs are focused on discussing features, debugging, or troubleshooting existing solutions. Microsoft Customer Co-creation flips the script by connecting you with engineers early in the development process so you can work together to build the right solutions and potentially influence the product roadmap.

How it works
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Opt-in to our program and your information goes into a secure database. Your data is never shared with any other programs or initiatives.
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At the right opportunity, we’ll contact you, let you know the topic, and ask your availability to participate in a feedback session.
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We’ll schedule you to talk directly to the engineering team.
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You've just helped influence the future of a Microsoft product.
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You can always opt-out or change your level of engagement as your interest or availability changes.
When the right opportunity arises we’ll invite you to engage in 1 of 3 ways
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1 on 1 conversations

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Focus groups

Requirements to qualify for this opportunity
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Program opt-in
You agree to be contacted to participate in feedback sessions.
You can change your participation level at any time.
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Feedback sharing
You agree to share your key business challenges, areas of opportunity and suggestions.
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Role and expertise
You are in a role using technologies that are relevant for the feedback sessions. It is not required that you use Microsoft technologies.
Shape the Microsoft Product Roadmap